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Multi Media Piece

The yet untitled piece evolves around personality aspects. During the symposium with Danish-Egyptian Dialogue Initiative, we crossed roads both in Egypt and Denmark and dialogued on everything from Covid confinement to visions on our individual artistic lives.

My piece is an outcome of both the experiences and conversations with my colleagues and my own experience in confinement. I regarded various personality aspects bloom and at times run wild, while I tried to find hopes everywhere I could. My greatest takeaway from the art symposium with DEDI is nurturing life long projects. It seems like the opposite of everything my own aspects encourage me to do, and so, there's endless stories left to unwrap in layers of the piece.

So far, I've touched hieroglyphs that captivated me, the ragnarok prophecy, the urge to escape the noisy world and isolate, the growth I feel internally and around me, and the devotion (eyes) for visions.

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