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GRACIA Antigua

GRACIA Residency x Lot Winther


The idea was to learn about the place through the art and artists, particularly the women. I was amazed by the local Grita exhibition by Regina Jose Galindo, a feministic activist with no compromises on her values. Along with the fierce vulcanoes surrounding the town and Fuego’s calm eruptions during the days as well as the variety of craftsmanship among the women, I was at home.

I was introduced to dyeing with local plants on Guatemalan cotton, and later on also weaving Antiguan style.

The choice of these media was partly conscious, partly coincidence. In the process, I realized that these media forced me to slow down and take the time needed. With painting and drawing it’s both tempting and easy to speed up the process, but not so with weaving and dyeing, and I loved how the slowness integrated with me. This is how my artistic work progresses; more femininity, but also much more time and subtle softness.

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