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Becoming an Artist

Honestly, I think most people have it in them. I believe everyone has a unique purpose to fulfil, and then, of course, we fulfil them in all sorts of ways. In art, for example, I have always created, and I’ve visited different industries and areas, but nothing does it for me like visual arts.

Creating is the thing for me.

Creating is the thing for me. And as I started writing, I think everyone has something, meaning all artists have the ability to rock the world with their craft. And then, one might ask; why don’t they all? Well, I could do a thorough analysis, and I might, but by studying the few that have actually rocked the world and the artists I know (who are equally, if not more talented, actually) who are not really rocking that much, I think I can learn a great lot about becoming an artist – and acknowledged and admired one even.

I notice some similarities in the people that are not getting their art out there. There’s a bunch of old belief, oftentimes insecurities and even, at times, lack of self-worth. There’s an overload of unbalanced feminine energy in the work habits, where these artists totally disappear into their process and won’t leave it for long periods of time. No touch or connection with the world around them, and when their work is finally ready for the world to see, there’s no energy left, as the creative, feminine energy has drained them completely. The parts of them, that would have an overview or a plan, the ability to network and search for interesting collabs, buyers and exhibitions are overshadowed in the lack of energy. Or lack of self-esteem. Or, in these millennial times, both, as we’re constantly exposed to the success of others without the rational reality check, partly due to fore mentioned self-worth. And why would I know this, and from where do I have this analysis? Loads and loads of reflection and talks based on experience – some of it my own, some of it my friends’. If one has an ambition of becoming a successful artist – whether or not that involves a big audience – these traits, beliefs and habits are only a downward spiral, which must be rewired. And how so? That, I don’t know yet. I’ve tried the spiral and am in the process of rewiring.

But I have an idea that one; I can learn a lot from my idols an two; intuition, balance and action around my dream are absolute keywords in order for me to succeed.I’ve taken some of my all-time favourites; Kusama, Picasso, Warhol, Hemingway, Van Gogh, and Lagerfeld among others, and listed some of their characteristics. They all have a few very important things in common; their trust in their craft and work (intuition), their signature in their craft (often related to their purpose, as the signature is an outcome from intuition) and last, but not least; their appearance. Or, as my younger brother noticed; they all look like one of Elton John’s many phases. Upon reflecting, I realise the times I felt and did my very best, I’ve been super present, intuitive and/or inspired to do or feel something. In this past year working with art, the most amazing, successful experiences have been based purely on intuition, no fear and very little doubt. I believe doubt to be a great thing every now and then, as it’s a part of growing, but I’ve really never done anything great for myself or other from a fear-based place. All the best has always come from intuition.

I’ve decided to surrender to intuition. Actually, I already did it a while ago. A lot of clichés are true – my conclusion is that it’s important to follow inspired ideas, which to me are felt through intuition, and then have the patience and perseverance it takes to grow. It really doesn’t matter whether one wants to be an artist or have other dreams or desires in mind. If I’m not already there, but have the intention to be there, I must allow intuition to guide my actions and my mindset in order to climb up the ladder.

And I guess, if I want to be remembered, I have to let myself inspire by one of Elton John’s many appearances… Which, honestly, has been the funniest New Year’s resolution for me to try. I’m going to start at red eye makeup and go from there.

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