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Catalyst Reflections

A few days ago, I had a visitor in my studio, with whom I had some great shares. She's a creator as well, and we sort of tried to grasp the essence of creating. She's a writer, I'm an image-maker. Although these days, I feel a lot of urge on writing. Normally I just create visual images, but an old urge is emerging.

I've always written, just like I've drawn. Poems, essays, articles and even novels. And now, I'm about to write a book with a colleague, which I'm very excited about - and the writing just wears off in other areas of my life. Or the urge wears off, perhaps. In that sense, I'm happy to have this blog about art and reflections, and I have a feeling it's the start of a long journey as an artist.

There's a lot of thoughts on how I want people to perceive me - which, now that I think about it, is such a trap for myself. I think it's super common and simply something to get over if you're a creator and have something to really show the world.

It's an intimidating process, especially when there's a lot of judgement once you come out with your things. This would probably be the right place for a cliché saying something like overcome your fear and don't give a damn about the haters, but I think that stuff sort of goes without saying. I just figure there will always be judgement, especially from minds that lack action.

I always go back to something a spiritual friend once said to me;

"You're not meant to go with the stream of people. You live on the edge; that's where you belong. You live there, you create there, you thrive there. And you contribute from there, you give to the stream of life - you're a catalyst."

Beautiful, isn't it?

Back to that day with my visitor in the studio.

This was what we talked about and shared with each other with such a devotion - and how this feels in the moment. As if there's this big, light container of inspiration and intuitive direction flowing through you from the top of the head and down through whatever you create with. To me, the eyes and the hands. And once it comes out in pieces or sentences or whatever it looks like, you just know, this is pure and real and something for the world to take and evolve from.

Which just really emphasises how the world needs creators, artists and writers just like it needs all the others. Otherwise that intuitive container of inspiration wouldn't exist.

Some Tuesday evening reflections from me to you.

Hope you all stay safe and sound out there - and enjoy the spring.

Lots of love,


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