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End Of The Year Reflections

I’ve had my own tradition for years, to do some writing about the year passed. Actually, it’s mostly an unload of thoughts and reflections, and sometimes, it’s been exchanged in letters to friends. It’s quite nice, and I thought this year, I’d give it a go in public, as I’ve started this blog.Although this space is about my art, I firmly believe my thoughts and feelings are equally important to share along with my work. Frankly, they’re a part of my work.I have shared about my way into art, but if it wasn’t for 2020 and everything that happened up until last New Year, I wouldn’t have been where I now find myself; proud, joyous and free. I remember reading an H. C. Andersen quote as a kid, saying pride is for dumb people, so it’s been quite a belief to let go of, as it was dominating a lot of my actions. For many years, I thought pride was a “bad thing”, but looking back at the past few years, I feel proud of my growth, because it has given me obstacles, conflicts (mostly the inner ones) and challenges to work through and grow from, which all in all results in great accomplishments. And I’m proud of that, and I’m enjoying harvesting the seeds I’ve sown and nurtured.

When Covid hit us worldwide, I was already confused on what to do. I’d just gotten out of a big project, which didn’t end well, and I was recovering from personal grief. In my private life, my partner and I were considering moving to Sweden, but as Denmark locked down as so many other countries, we decided to go to the country side and reside for some months while saving up for an apartment in Aarhus. I worked like a maniac to collect the deposit, and finally, we moved back to the place that I love so much. With a great view over the city, the forest and the water, we were happying through the end of the summer and early fall. We made a studio in the new place, where I developed my art. I’d sold a few pieces of artwork earlier that summer – my first sales – and I finally had time to create more. They were all sold immediately after I finished them and I was amazed by how well they were all received.

I decided to dig further into visual arts and learn more, and along the way, my dear and lifelong friend suggested that we found a place to have a shared office.

Admittingly, I had no honest intention of finding an office, but I was open, and after all, I needed bigger space for my craft. I caught a fever, which lasted a couple of weeks, and my friend video called me one of those days from a place called Kollektivbyen. When seeing it on camera as well as in real life, when I was well again, I had no doubt that this was the place for me to really start – and to start with her, while growing together in our individual businesses, that was beyond what I’d hoped for. Eventually another friend joined in our studio, and if you follow me on social media, you’ve probably seen a lot of it. I’m so incredibly grateful for my openness to do that, and I so enjoy my everyday life, where work and personal life is finally separated, and my balance is so great.Around the time I moved into the new studio in Kollektivbyen, I published my online store, www.lotwintherart.com where all my prints and eventually original artworks could be sold. It was a really slow start – two months, I’d say, without any sale. But I’d keep talking about it, and I’d keep putting all the attention toward the shop, so that it would get into people’s minds whenever they would need new decoration. And eventually, some weeks before Christmas, the sales online finally started, and I’m thrilled about the happy customers and all the visitors I’ve had. It’s been a great year, it really has. There have been downs, definitely, but nothing that I couldn’t go through and grow from – and that’s the point anyway, isn’t it? But all in all, this year, I’ve taken the leap toward the life I always wanted. I’m not nearly there, but I’ve taken some important steps up the ladder, and I’m enjoying the process so much. I mirror myself in the people close to me, and I see a great lot of the qualities I’m either growing in or aiming for, and that gives me only more courage to persevere. In 2021, I have some exciting collabs and a solo exhibition to look forward to – and all the unknown, of course. Recently, I saw this thread on Facebook about what one wants to bring with them into 2021, and the word would start with the first letter of their name. I decided to go for ‘laughter’, and I’m really going for it. I want to laugh even more in the next year, and I will stretch my smile wrinkles even further.Everything I do, I’ll do it joyously. I’ll happy through it, regardless of how high I’ll ever climb that ladder to artistic purpose. What about you? What will you bring with you in the year to come? Have a great new year, everyone. Enjoy the last bit of 2020, and I sincerely hope to see some of you on the other side. Stay safe – love, Lot.

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