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Let’s Talk About the Youth


With this month having the international Youth Day, we bring youth issues to the attention with ARTEparaTECHO. I’ve supported TECHO for quite a few months now, and been in contact with various different young volunteers from the organisation. Although I’ve done volunteer work for years in different areas and organisations, I’m still amazed by the effort and energy young people put into causes they believe in. Every time I ask the volunteers in TECHO why they do what they do, the answer is the same; I’ve been following the organisation’s work, and I just wanted to contribute to the causes. See, we can talk about all the sh*t that goes on in the world, or we can take action in the areas we want to progress. I’m incredibly proud of my generation for fighting for what they believe in. For not being afraid of being judged (because they and we do). For continuously and cautiously working toward their vision for a better, brighter future. Upon reflection, this is not unique for our generation - but as many generations before us, we’re being confronted with the world we grew up in, with certain beliefs that didn’t quite fit us, and often with a great pressure on what we ought to do with our lives. But also, like our parents and grandparents, we’re breaking out of the world as we knew it and working on integrating it into our ideal - and along the way, our parents and grandparents applause us, just like they were being applauded, because of the perseverance in holding ourselves and each other accountable to our shared values. Now, it gets a little abstract for some, but I believe it should be, when the subject is around our dreams and desires for the future. Every month, the wonderful volunteers in TECHO send me a text around the monthly theme, which has me reflecting on my ideas and points of view on these topics. Now, it’s about the Youth Day, and in that regard, I’d like to share with you all, what I’d love for my 18 Year Old Self. I believe a letter is appropriate. Dear Lot. At the moment, your close friends call you Lot. You kinda dig it, because it’s been very confusing to be called by your full name by teachers and authorities your whole life, while your family and friends call you Lotte, and your foreign friends have no idea how to pronounce your name, because it’s so freaking Danish. But you’ll get used to and comfortable in being Lot, and you’ll grow into taking your whole LOT of space. I want to tell you, that that yearning inside is very real. You’re dreaming yourself away in writings and doodles. You imagine your world travel and artistic life, but with some grief, because people that wouldn’t go for it tell you you can’t have it. But you can have it, and it’s actually already yours. That yearning is talking to you about freedom, fairness, equality and harmony. It’s telling you how to help others in helping yourself - and in passing on the light to others, you light up yourself. That yearning is telling you to go further and deeper and to get exposed to as much as possible in order to understand. That yearning is talking to you about art. It’s talking to you about healing, and how, when you heal, you heal others. About when it’s dark, it’s only to strengthen you and bring in light. That yearning is telling you, you’re free and abundant. That those visions you have are possible. It’s telling you that you can make a difference, and you can live according to the world you want. That there are people out there with great visions matching yours, with whom you’ll create beautiful projects and pieces of art to spread both reflection and joy, but most of all love - which, as corny as it may sound, is the essence of peace. That yearning is your intuition pulling you toward the life and love you know, you deserve. You’ll get on to it eventually, and there’s no need to rush. Be gentle to yourself. You’ll spend a lot of energy, but you’ll also gain a lot. You will get to a point, where there’s no competition. You’ll experience the joy and gratitude on behalf of others without feeling like you’re in lack. In fact, it will feel so enriching when people around you succeed, and one day, you’ll even cry out of happiness. You’ll be amazed time after time, about external manifestations and internal ones. You will soon feel like you really, authentically arrived in life, and it will be a result of your perseverance in your visions. There’s nothing to worry about or be fearful about. You’ll experience a lot of fear, I won’t lie - but you’ll have the courage to get to the bottom of it and through it with renewed energy. And in that, believe me or not, you’ll be the richest person on the planet, and you’ll get richer as you share it and pass it on. The light is yours. So Lot, one last note after these promises. I want you to keep an eye on those dreams. Don’t loose them. Adjust them as you grow - that’s natural - but just don’t loose them. There will be days, even months, where you won’t act on them and that’s okay. Your soul’s doing the work patiently while your human body gets ready to get back up and trudge on. But honor the dreams by having them in mind, always. The light is yours, Lot.

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