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Self-Taught Artists

There are quite a few like me, however unique I feel as a self-taught artist. A few months ago, I shared the idea of creating my own art school with my friend and now fellow student, and she was hooked. She’s not a visual artist like myself, but an amazing writer.

So we decided to create our own academy and curriculum.

So we decided to create our own academy and curriculum. See, my problem with school lately has been the complete waste of my time. Actually, the idea emerged as someone I know started studying again, and we talked about how he could easily learn it all (with a lot of self-discipline, of course) within a month – just before entering a 2-year degree. It made me think of my own considerations in regards to studies. I’ve been back and forth with whether I wanted to attend an art academy or just continue without and spend the tuition money on materials instead. But how would one do so and still gain the experience and knowledge you get when finishing art school?

As I shared the idea – now intention – with more and more people, the more feedback I got. Suggestions on the designs of the studies, important things to consider etc. And actually, that’s how it all started, getting me and my friend into this amazing shared office, where we’re now working and studying. We built up a design for the first semester, which we’re now in, and it’s purely built up as any first semester; a mix of everything, great lots of insights to the work after studies, art history and much, much more.

The idea is to give ourselves the challenges we’d get from school anyway, but without the delay of repetition, questions, specific times for such and such, but fully allow drive and creativity to flourish and self-discipline to grow. A forgotten skill in school, which most artistic souls often struggle with after their studies, but are highly dependent on.

Would anyone be interested in attending our self-made, free school, feel very free to reach out and join us in this experiment. We have a draft on the first semester, which can be adjusted to any art of any kind. Only thing is we get together every now and then as classmates to share our reflections and results, and then we set out new goals and new intentions to meet.

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