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When Nomads Return

…. It’s an experience in itself! Upon arriving back in Denmark, there’s always new epiphanies, new beliefs, truths and appreciation! A quick wrap up; after a few days in Santiago de Chile upon the Atacama residency, I spent a week in Barcelona, just exploring, relaxing and working — mostly preparing everything I didn’t wanna do when coming all the way back. The back side administrative part of being an artist basically.

Then I had a few days in Paris celebrating a friends’ birthday, just strolling around and visiting a dear old friend and her family. All was great, and I when arriving at my destination in Jutland, Denmark, it was as if sleep and rest found its way in through reuniting with family and friends.

As some of you may know, I come from a family farm, and it’ll always be home. I love the calm here, the fresh air that has a significant flowery scent and the wide landscape around. My mom likes to call it “the Sleep Central”, because I just speed down and take my time with everything. I love it.

So much has happened over the past half year - which I guess is obvious through my latest blog posts. So I’m not going to write about that.

So, what now?

That’s the thing about being nomad of spirit. This is what’s on my mind these days - how does a nomad live and most of all return?

I recently asked my partner for i puts on my ideas on the next moves. Many questions are up, because by now, the settled life doesn’t appeal to me, and although I’m maturing (ironic cough allowed) and keen to settle in some ways, I can’t vote or one or the other. Digital nomads are everywhere, lifestyles are many and various, yet, it’s like I haven’t come to a conclusion of what I want just yet. He asked me; are you done traveling? And that question sparked the traveler in me, like no, I’ll never be done! It’s as true as my existence! And then; what do you want? And that’s where I’m blank.

See, with traveling comes many new cultures and people. New languages, new interests. These things force you to grow, they force you to let go of what you thought was real for you and apply new beliefs. And along with these clarities comes also lots of confusion — with all these opportunities, which ones appeal the most? I’m not getting to any conclusions by choice. I refuse to find any finite ideas. However, in the meantime, I think this is a question to ask myself more often to broaden my views and allow unexpected desires or ideas. What do I want? I have some ideas on the short term, especially regarding my studio space in Copenhagen, which I’m very excited about. I’m also flirting with the idea of finding my own base here in Denmark to return to after every journey - but one thing is for sure; the journeys must go on! Maybe they’ll have different forms and lengths, but they’ll definitely be there.

Are you asking yourself these questions? I find myself particularly fond of reflections these days. What do you want? How do you nourish your dreams?

Lots of love and inspirational thoughts,


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