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Visual Art 

I’m a graphic designer and visual artist based in Denmark.

Currently creating visual art, while looking for new experiences within the world of visual communication. Previously worked with Make Nordic, Nôrd by Nôrd, Shlomit Ofir Jewelry Design, and various start up projects in need of art direction. I help teams turn their ideas into a living brand.

My Work


Acter - Graphic & Visual Design

Primary work: graphic illustrations, design and layout. Avatars for website, illustrations, adjustments in visual communication. Brand DNA & visual identity.

Make Nordic - Poster Collaboration, Graphic Design

Primary work: graphic illustrations, design and layout

Lot Winther - Visual Art, Brand and Website Design

Primary work: creating, showcasing and selling art offline and online (www.lotwinther.com), graphic design and visual identity for other companies, social media management

MaKram - Logo and Visual Identity

Primary work: logo, visual identity, brandbook

Nôrd by Nôrd - Brand, Visual Identity and Website Design

Primary work: product design, PR & marketing, visual communication through brand DNA, concept and business development, guest presentation on the brand’s circular processes and business model, product development, pricing and positioning, development of subscription system

Conscious Fashion Week - Art Director

Primary work: project manager, concept and business development, visual identity/brand DNA, ashion communication, event coordination, guest talk on sustainability in the fashion and lifestyle industry

Trivs - Graphic Design

Primary work: graphic design, visual communication, social media content, digital coordination