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I want to set us free for good, if not in other areas, at least on canvas. I want to be the reminder of our power and abundance and show the true magical wonders of the divine feminine.

Sustaining Underwater Love

Despite this vital importance in our lives, the current system treats the underwater realm without regard – as a trashcan and source of protein and minerals.

This exhibition aims to re-kindle our love and appreciation for the underwater world by displaying its beauty, strength and fragility.
This shall speak to the activist in all of us – one aim will be to seed a local chapter of the “Nordic Ocean Watch Denmark”


La Wayaka Current

During the La Wayaka residency, I have brought the feminine energy, which I often work with onto a new medium. While I mostly work with water-based oils, I have gone back a few years in my own life, working in fashion design before visual art, but also generations back, when working especially with yarns and embroidery was found only among women. For the same reason, the medium has not achieved the same status in the art world, which, as a feminist artist, I want to challenge.

La Wayaka Current Desert Residency x Lot Winther

GRACIA Antigua

The idea was to learn about the place through the art and artists, particularly the women. I was amazed by the local Grita exhibition by Regina Jose Galindo, a feministic activist with no compromises on her values. Along with the fierce vulcanoes surrounding the town and Fuego’s calm eruptions during the days as well as the variety of craftsmanship among the women, I was at home.

GRACIA Residency


In a world of chaos, internal fears and beliefs, I intended for this piece to be an empowering light one could step into and touch base with themselves. I find that visual distractions have the ability to allow my process to unfold itself, while I can just regard it in neutral love. In the process with the piece, a friend noticed, how it started to look like aquarius - which is both the year it was created and my own zodiac sign. 

Lot Winther Aquarius

DEDI Symposium

In the late summer, I was selected to participate in the symposium, giving me a trip to Egypt with 7 fellow artists from Denmark and Egypt.

The purpose with the program facilitated by DEDI (Danish-Egyptian Dialogue Initiative) is to create a dialogue and exchange between Egyptians and Danes. The Symposium takes its beginning in November 2021, thus being in the early stage of the artistic process.

DEDI Art Symposium


The yet untitled piece evolves around personality aspects. During the symposium with Danish-Egyptian Dialogue Initiative, we crossed roads both in Egypt and Denmark and dialogued on everything from Covid confinement to visions on our individual artistic lives.


As Far As I Stretch

The exhibition “Så langt jeg strækker mig” (meaning “As far as I stretch”) partly considers the meaning of the physical stretch of reaching something you’re fighting for, but also the challenges of stretching or compromising too much, caused by the pressure of others.

Lot Winther soloudstilling Galleri TESE

Feminine Lines

The exhibition is a combination of the artisan Michelle Bødker Pedersen’s knit installations and the visual artist Lot Winther’s figurative oil paintings. Here, textures and shapes meet in a universe of warm, exploratory energy and unmistakable salutation to the feminine forms.

Lot Winther og Michelle Bødker Feminine Linjer
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